Sandra McCulloch

2007_01210011I’m a career journalist who spent 25 years as a reporter for the Victoria Times Colonist. It alternated between being fun, challenging, educational and sobering to write the stories of real-life people trying to make the best of their lives.

I always loved the stories about people as opposed to those about strategic planning, politics and the economy.

My job took me all over Vancouver Island. I was on a dock in Gold River on a cold night waiting for a boat load of illegal immigrants to arrive. I flew in an aerobatic bi-plane over Saltspring Island. I sat with a widow, eight months pregnant, in her Victoria home on the day after her husband was randomly killed in downtown Victoria.

I interviewed lottery winners. I saw what can happen when a motorcyclist deeks ahead of a cement truck at a stop light only to have his bike stall when the light turned green.

I was aboard a Canadian naval submarine as it submerged in the Strait of Georgia and aboard a frigate as the guns fired off the bow.

All in all, it was quite a ride.

Still, I feel it’s time to move on. As 2014 moves along, I’m having a mid-life crisis getting itchy feet and I want to hit the road. (Who doesn’t love road trips?) Many people have the dream of selling everything and moving into an RV, spending winter somewhere warm and summer somewhere warmer.

I’m doing it. I’m hoping to continue writing on the road — hopefully, writing something that pays money, but I’ll accept dinner, a bottle of wine, or a few hours spent listening to someone’s fascinating life.

I’ve got a couple fiction projects to work on, and the dream of being a published novelist is being rekindled. I’ve written five or six unpublished novels which garnered great rejections from NYC agents/publishers. I gave up on fiction over the last few years and continued to fill the reservoir with ideas for great characters, intriguing story possibilities and locations so amazing they could influence the story themselves.

How long will it last? Hard to think about the ending when I’ve barely begun.

I’d love to share my stories from the road with you. If you find them worthy, please share with friends through Twitter, Facebook, email.

And let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

2 Responses to About

  1. Catherine Stubbs says:

    Sandra I finally connected and began reading your blog which I enjoy very much. Things are much the same here at Cherry Point. I have a locum coming up soon and then I need to decide to retire or not. Meanwhile I am cleaning up the garden and getting ready for winter. Bill just had an angiogram done but seems to be recovering nicely. Unfortunately missed the trip to Spain but we will go another time when he can travel safely. If you can find it you should read a small book called the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. All about The journey! Have fun. Catherine


  2. Catherine Stubbs says:

    Sandra I have been busy with lots of things but have been thinking of you on your travels a lot. I will be so excited to hear about everything when you get back. I will let you know if I hear about renters. I have been feeling so much better lately and have been working and really enjoying it. all is well here and stand is still putting along but I have taken a few days off over Christmas. I look forward to reading your blogs and wish you continuing good luck with your novel. Hi from us all here Catherine Merry Christmas


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